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Whether you require a dental hygienist, assistant, or office personnel, we recognize the significance of maintaining a proficient dental team to support the success of your dental practice. Partnering with us and leveraging our extensive experience in staffing dental professionals will help your dental office sustain profitability and enhance patient retention.


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We do all the work! Complete your online profile and connect with Stripe (at the bottom of your  profile),   Professional Dental Placements will charge for services at the end of the shift.   You can continue to focus on patients while stripe takes care of financial closure for the agency’s service fee.  Contact Us for additional information or questions.

Visit our Request and Book a Temp Shift on our Website and request a specific temp or Call us @ 443-838-5050 for more information

We have a high success rate for our dental offices to hire Dental Professionals after they have temped in your office. The office signed agreement with PDP covers the policy for temp to perm. Call us directly to get started. 443-838-5050

The dental office that employs the dental professional for the temporary staffing assignment pays the dental professional. We can help you set up your stripe account to make the process seamless. Contact us for more information on the best venue to pay the dental professional 443-838-5050.

  • We have the experience, expertise, and industry relationships essential to fulfill your dental staffing requests. This ensures your practice remains well-staffed and operates smoothly in fulfilling patient scheduling commitments.
  • Our referral services are designed to meet the specific needs of each office. We offer 24 hour service for a quick response to your staffing request. Visit our Contact Us webpage.
  • We provide both temporary and permanent staffing placements. Advertising can be costly and inefficient, especially since media services often are not equipped to qualify candidates. We have developed key, long-term relationships, with most Dental Professionals and Dental Offices enhancing our success as a Dental Placement Agency.
  • We always pre-screen potential candidates to make sure they reflect your office’s image and professionalism.
  • Our personal understanding of the unique nature of your practice will enable us to meet your dental request needs.

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